100th Indy 500 to Feature 100,000 Fan Milk Toast to Winner


Indiana dairy milk toast at the 500

Milk at the rookie lunchAmerican Dairy Association Indiana honored the Indy 500 rookies at their annual luncheon at Indianapolis Motor Speedway Tuesday. Hoosier dairy farmers have a strong connection to the race and for the historic 100th running this Sunday, they have a plan for race fans to be part of the milk presentation to the winner, according to general manager of the dairy organization, Deb Osza.

“Lauren George, one of the Hulman-George family members, had an idea to do something huge like a world-record toast of a 100,000 milks for the hundredth running. We said yes, let’s do that! That sounds like a wonderful idea. So the motor speedway partnered with Prairie Farms Dairy and we will be making that happen on race day. We’ll have 100,000 pints of ice cold 2% milk and we’ll be distributing that to race fans as they come in and throughout the day.”

Fans should look for the distribution points as the arrive at the track. Grab your free milk and stick it in the cooler for toasting the winner from the stands at the end of the race. There will be 5 trucks handing out the bottles.

Andy with Deb Osza“We’ll have a total of more than a hundred thousand on hand,” Osza told HAT, “and all of those trucks are going to be positioned close to the Georgetown to 16th Street area. Four of them will be inside the grounds and one just outside the grounds. Look for us in the southwest quadrant of the track.”

The rookie lunch sponsorship and the bottle of milk presentation to the winning driver, car owner and chief mechanic are traditions that have been nurtured through the decades by Indiana dairy. Osza says they’re thrilled to be a part of the 100th 500.

“Every time this time of year rolls around I just marvel at the blessing that it is that milk is the drink that we celebrate the victory with here at Indy. How wonderful that Louis Meyer was thirsty for buttermilk all those years ago and today we still say his name and nurture this tradition at the Indy. So I’m very excited to be here for the 100th running.”

Alexander Rossi was honored as the fastest rookie of the 5 who qualified. Meet them all Friday in this space, and learn more on the toast and new winner’s trophy sponsored by ADAI in the HAT video.