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16th Indiana Agricultural Leadership Program Class Set to Graduate


ALP 16 graduating

David Briel-ALP 16Class 16 of AgrIIstitute’s Indiana Agricultural Leadership Program is graduating Saturday. For the past two years Class 16 members have enjoyed a variety of educational opportunities that develop leaders who can effectively communicate about agriculture. One of the graduates, and a real believer in the program, is David Briel from Valparaiso, a key account manager for Bayer CropScience.

“The sessions themselves are centered around developing leadership skills through bringing in different guest speakers,” he told HAT. “but there are 26 participants in the program and communicating and learning from those other participants has been as valuable as the speakers they have brought in to present to us.”

Travel is included during the two years, including Washington DC and a trip this year to Panama and Colombia. Briel said going to Central and South America provided an important lens to agriculture outside the U.S.

“We have a certain view of agriculture in the United States, and of course agriculture here is valuable to the world, but seeing it from perspectives of other countries that maybe are not as advanced has provided us a perspective on what’s important to them. It may not be as important in our eyes. So seeing their perspective gives us a better idea of globally what’s important to the world, not only to Indiana and American agriculture.”

Class 16 includes members from many sectors of Indiana agriculture including Purdue University, the Indiana corn and soybean groups, legal and lending backgrounds, livestock, Elanco and Dow AgroSciences, and of course farmers.

What does Briel do with Bayer?David Briel Bayer CropScience