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2014 Food Trend Predictions from the Supermarket Guru


According to self-proclaimed Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert, protein is a focus among 2014 food trends. Lempert has released his Top 10 food trend predictions for the year and protein plays a role in several of the trends he says are coming for U.S. consumers. He sees more brands offering protein-rich breakfast options based on several consumer surveys that show more than three-quarters of Americans now recognize that eating breakfast at home is an important way to start the day. In addition, with an NPD Group survey indicating increased snacking leads to better overall health, Lempert suggests supermarkets will look for ways to replace high-sugar, high-fat snacks at the checkout counter with healthier on-the-go options, including protein sources. Food packaging is also expected to evolve to offer more information about ingredients and health claims for consumers on their mobile devices as they shop – possibly including the meat case.

Lempert also predicts brands will find greater purpose in serving the larger community in 2014; grocery stores will create community cooking centers where shoppers can collaborate and learn from each other; consumers will see more private label brands creating new unique products; and consumers will eat more international inspired foods.

Source: NAFB News Service