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2016 Commodity Classic New Orleans Registration Opens


Classic registration open

CLSC_Jazzed_300x250Commodity Classic, the annual warm weather gathering for corn, soybean, wheat and sorghum growers, is now open for registration. The 2016 Classic heads for New Orleans March 3-5 for Get Jazzed. President of the American Soybean Association, Wade Cowan from Texas says make it a family trip this time.

“It’s a family atmosphere,” he told HAT. “When you go down the aisles at Commodity Classic the thing that I really like is that you’ll see the whole family. You’ll see the baby carriers. You’ll see the young couples and the older couples, and you may see 3-4 generations there together because it’s truly a family atmosphere.”

From great keynote speakers and seminars to membership association leaders and government officials, and an even bigger trade show which now includes the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, Cowan says there is a lot to see and learn.

Wade Cowan-ASA“You know you’ve got all the educational ability there too. You can go to marketing sessions, equipment sessions, there’s new technology, new seed traits. You can learn so much there and this year we’ve got AEM coming on board so the trade show is going to be even bigger.”

Cowan added the very presence of the 4 major commodity groups means opportunity for farmers.

“They have their leaders and delegates there, and it’s a place where if you have an idea, come to Commodity Classic and talk to the people. It’s a place where anybody, any individual can truly affect change and truly bring a difference because you’ve got the ability to get the ear of somebody.”

Registration and housing is now open at the Commodity Classic website. It’s a good idea to jump on that because hotels can fill up quickly.