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2018 Harvest Still Underway in SE Indiana


2018 Harvest Still Underway in SE Indiana

It is not a sight you expect to see when traveling to and from the farm show in Louisville: combines in the field. Yet, that is just what was seen last week, according to Sam Lentz with Seed Consultants.

“It has been a tough fall for everyone, but especially for SE Indiana,” he said. “Wet and cold conditions, things not freezing, things not drying, so there are some crops still out there.” He added that weather improved somewhat last week which caused some producers to head to the fields rather than to the farm show.

Obviously, these crops are not in good shape. Lentz said neither are the fields.

“There are a lot of ruts in the field and a lot of soil compaction. We are going to have a look at these issues and decide what to do as we head into April and May.”

Wet soil is an issue across much of Indiana. Lentz said soybean seed treatments may need to be the rule this spring. “We need to have treated beans this year since we will be planting into wet conditions. We are going to have a lot of fungus and disease out there so we need to have treated seeds.”

Lentz talked with Hoosier Ag Today at the Seed Consultants booth at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville.