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2020 a Good Year for E3 Soybeans


Soybean yields set records on many farms this year, and E3 soybeans from Corteva played a big role in making that happen. According to Shawna Hubbard with Corteva, good weather this growing season really allowed the E3 and Enlist system to shine.

“2020 was a great run for E3 soybeans. I have had many reports from our Indiana Corteva team about E3 soybeans and the Enlist system really getting the job done.”

Hubbard says the Enlist system works great in Indiana because it is easier to control and provides more protection for our many specialty crops like tomatoes and non-GMO soybeans.

“The inherent qualities of the 2,4-D choline really make it different than other products on the market. It is a near zero volatility product, and that gives growers confidence they can use the product and still protect other sensitive crops like those Red Gold Tomatoes.”

2020 was a year that saw Dicamba technology taken of the market and then relabeled with restrictions. Hubbard points out that Enlist does not have some of those restrictions.

“We can spray Enlist from burndown to the R3 growth stage.  There are no calendar cutoff dates for Enlist.”  She added that this makes this system work even with double crop soybeans.

In addition, the Enlist system gives growers good tank mix flexibility.

“A grower can mix AMS products as well as Liberty, without impacting the volatility,” noted Hubbard.

For more options, visit enlisttankmix.com.