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2020 Planting Plan Shouldn’t Focus too much on Unique 2019



Planning for the spring planting season should be done without overreacting to some disappointing results you may have had last year. Colin Pennington with DEKALB Asgrow says a measured approach like what you may have taken last planting season is the best route.

“Planting was getting delayed, guys weren’t able to get into the field, do we change hybrids and maturities, and it’s easy in the moment when you’re two weeks behind to start thinking about those things,” he said. “So, take a step back, don’t overreact. Have a conversation with your agronomist. Have a conversation with your retailer.”

And the winter meetings happening around the area now give you a chance to discuss strategies with peers, also a good idea.

“Talk to other farmers. What did they do, what did they see? Going into 2020 it’s about being as informed as possible but not taking any one thing too seriously, and really looking at that data year over year and looking at what we learned from everyone else.”

Many farmers have a plan in place, but if you don’t, Pennington says you need one.

“I think there’s a lot of ground that went unplanted so there are special things we’re going to have to do and think about as we make a plan for 2020. So, make sure you’re talking to your agronomist and getting a good understanding of what we need to do on that ground and what we need to do everywhere else. Have a plan and I think the most important thing is know that plan is going to change. If we haven’t learned that by now then we’re doing something wrong, right?”

Pennington is a Marketing Communications Manager at Bayer Crop Science. He told HAT DEKALB hybrids did well last year when standability through to harvest was a concern for much of the year.

“Really feel good about standability with DEKALB and especially our Disease Shield class of products,” he said, “when you think about getting that mid to late season disease protection and really having that ability to keep that plant healthy throughout the fall and what that means at harvest. Also going into 2020 we’re excited about bringing our Acceleron Elite seed treatment product onto a lot of the DEKALB portfolio seamlessly.”

See the full product line at https://www.agseedselect.com/.

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