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25x’25 Says Latest RFS Proposal Would Harm Advanced Biofuels Sector


The group 25 by ’25 says it’s not just corn ethanol that will take a hit under the Environmental Protection Agency proposal to reduce the amount of biofuel to be blended in the nation’s fuel supply under the Renewable Fuel Standard in 2014. In fact – the group says advanced biofuels face what could be a fatal blow before the sector has a chance to meet the high goals Congress envisioned with the RFS was authorized six years ago. The Energy Independence and Security Act called for a gradual increase of cleaner burning fuels to be added each year – reaching 36-billion gallons of renewable fuels being blended into the nation’s fuel supply by the year 2022. More than 21-billion gallons of that is to come from advanced biofuels. But 25 by ’25 notes the EPA proposal – which is subject to a 60-day public comment period – would reverse the progress being made by the sector – shrinking the advanced biofuel requirement to 2.2-billion gallons in 2014. It was supposed to be 2.75-billion gallons this year – which 25 by ’25 says is achievable. According to 25 by ’25 – this proposed cutback sends a chilling message to the enterprises that have invested billions of dollars into the development of next-generation biofuels – including cellulosic biofuels.

25 by ’25 admits the development of cellulosic biofuels hasn’t met the expectations set in the energy bill of 2007 – but says the industry is on the verge of a breakthrough – with three major production facilities set to open next year. The group says these facilities and smaller ones now operating and on the brink of commercial production – as well as the research that will lead to a wave of advanced biofuels that can reduce emissions by 60-percent or more when compared to fossil fuel equivalents are left in a vulnerable position by the EPA proposal. The 25 by ’25 Alliance strongly believes the proposal would essentially close the market to advanced renewable fuels, undermine investment and starve the innovative biofuels companies of the capital needed to bring these new technologies to the American consumer.

The group says all who seek more choices in transportation fuels and a cleaner, more secure U.S. energy future need to let EPA know this proposal endangers the very path to that future.

Source: NAFB News Service