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4-H Animals Benefit from Coliseum and Youth Arena


4-H at the state fair

Renee McKee-14At the Indiana State Fair many of the livestock shows that have been in the Coliseum in years past, were back in the renovated complex this year. The exception is the horse events which are in the Youth Arena which opened just last year, according to Dr. Renee KcKee, Program Leader 4-H & Youth Development.

“The horses will be in that arena but everything else will return to the coliseum in a similar fashion to what you’ve seen scheduled in the past.”

She agrees the Youth Arena was a big hit last year.

“In fact I was there visiting with one of our new staff members that just joined our organization this spring, and she is fascinated that we have a youth arena like that dedicated where these young people can be with their horses and not waiting on other shows to conclude. We just launch right into horses and that’s theirs for about 8 or 9 days.”

Horses in Youth ArenaMcKee says if you’re getting to the fair after most of the livestock has left, there is still plenty of 4-H to see.

“Our program is a program that is dedicated to building the lives of young people, so we have 4-H members from across Indiana who do have exhibits here,” she told HAT. “Some of those are the live exhibits, the livestock kinds of things that folks are aware of, but many of our 4-H members will be coming in on the weekends for more active types of things. We have demonstration public speaking events. Our dog obedience events will be the final weekend where we’ll take over one of these halls and have nothing but dogs in there for 2 days. Once the livestock leaves our static exhibits remain on the northwest corner of the fairgrounds in the 4-H exhibition complex.”

Monday night the very first livestock grand champions were crowned in the “new” Coliseum during the Grand Champion 4-H Drive.