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4-H Fair Season Looking Far Different Than a Year Ago


County fair season is ramping up around Indiana and it looks far different than a year ago.

Last year, “The kids came in one day, showed their animals, and left,” says Hancock County 4-H Fair Board President Barb Pescitelli. “So, none of that camaraderie that is so important to the 4-H experience, the kids didn’t have a chance to experience the fair at all last year. We’ve put back in more of our normal fair schedule…so we’ve got more of that opportunity for these kids, who don’t necessarily see each other because they go to different school systems, to come in together and talk about their animals and talk about their projects and be able to just share that wonderful 4-H fair experience with each other.”

4-H member Abigail Manning from Shirley, IN says that camaraderie is making this year’s event much more fun.

“I’m having a lot more fun because a lot of my friends show different species, so I can hang out with them. I can actually watch them show this year.”

After showing pigs last year, Manning was showing an angus heifer for the first time in this her final year of 4-H. She explains what 4-H has meant to her.

“4-H has given me a lot of new opportunities. I’ve met a lot of new people doing it. I would have never seen myself showing animals, but after coming to the fair when I was younger and seeing all the older people doing it and having fun and winning, I was like, ‘You know? That seems like something I want to do,’ and it’s taught me better leadership, responsibility, things you can actually use in life.”

Pescitelli says other facets of the fair have opened up so that the community can come together as well. The midway was open, “And of course, there’s nothing better than fair food and that ability to eat together and share a meal together.”

Good luck to all 4-H members this fair season!