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7 Foot Corn in Tippecanoe County


Great start for crops-Huffman

Levi Huffman 7 foot June cornFor Indiana farmer Levi Huffman just northeast of Lafayette in Tippecanoe County the crop year is off to a great start, from planting season right on up to current crop development. Everything is pointing to a great crop, but of course he’s not counting on it yet.

“It’s looking like a very, very good crop, but it’s not made yet and if it shut off raining today we would be hurt. Or if started getting really, really hot going into pollination we could get really, really hurt, so the corn crop is not made yet. but so far up to this point it looks really good and we’ve been very blessed.”

Additionally he is not experiencing any weed or other pest problems.

Huffman says planting of their corn and soybean crops, and the vegetable crops also, was completed in a very timely manner, although not quite as early as last year.

“Everything went in good and we didn’t have to replant anything,” he told HAT. “And several places that normally get drowned out yet. Yet!”

Levi Huffman soybean fieldHuffman described corn crop development as he stood near a field where the corn was 6 to 7 feet tall.

“You know they talk about knee high by the first of July, I think we may see tassling by the first of July this time.”

Soybeans are in very good shape too.

“Soybean crops in a lot of ways are just starting to make their own nitrogen and greening up. There’s a few yellow spots but overall we’ve been very blessed with not too much rain so we don’t have very many spots that are so wet that it has shown up yellow in the fields.”

Also rains post planting have been very cooperative, allowing Huffman to spray just about whenever he planned.

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