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70 Bushel Soybeans in North Central Indiana


Good bean year

Scott McKain and Gov PenceThe visit to the Mylet farm on the Cass-Carroll County line by Governor Mike Pence last week was a welcome break for those running the combines and other harvest equipment, but once he had departed the hectic harvest pace took off again. Scott McKain provided HAT with an update on corn harvest that was about half way finished.

“We’ve got most of our Cass County corn done, not all of it, but we are primarily working in Carroll County right now. We probably have 16-17 hundred acres to go out of a little over 3,000 of corn and I would say the average is a tick over 200. Our Carroll County ground we hope will boost the average up a little bit. We had a storm come through in June and we suffered a lot of green snap and we’ve had some yield loss due to that, so we’re hoping the stuff we’re doing now is going to bolster the average a little bit.”

Moisture levels are running in the high teens. Soybean harvest wrapped up two weeks ago and McKain is more than pleased with the results.

“I think our average was probably around 70 bushels per acre, maybe a tick over, so not too bad,” he said. “It was a pretty decent bean year.”

Was it a record setter?

“I don’t know that it would be an all time record, but above average,” McKain said.

He says bean yields throughout the area were also good.

“You know you always have a little elevator talk where somebody made 80, or 84 or 85, but I think everybody is pretty close to our number.”

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