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A Celebrity that Likes Agriculture



Through my experience on The Bachelor, I had the chance to travel, grow and strengthen myself, but I also learned how others outside of the Midwest view the American farmer.

Because farmers have done such a great job in providing reliable, safe and affordable commodities, they are often taken for granted and misunderstood. I now have the opportunity to make a difference and a responsibility to elevate the industry I have served and enjoyed since birth – agriculture.

I’m optimistic about the future of agriculture, and I plan to utilize my skills and abilities to serve as a spokesperson for the industry, highlighting recent developments and advancements farmers have made to get us where we are today.

Agriculture is a lifestyle for me, and I believe the future of the industry is bright. As a voice for farming, I plan to share what our traditionally humble industry has accomplished. Farmers are talented, resilient individuals who care about feeding the world’s growing population. They invest in technology and land preservation to ensure they, and our population, are positioned for a sustainable future.

I am proud to share and promote the American farmers’ story. It is part of my life, and it is a narrative I am honored to tell.