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A Dry Weekend in Store for Indiana


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In the latest planting weather forecast from HAT Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin, he says drier weather is moving in for the weekend.

“The drier weather is going to come with a change in temperatures. We’re much cooler for Saturday into Sunday, but we have no rain in the forecast Saturday through Tuesday.”

Martin’s forecast does call for potential scattered showers on Wednesday.

“I think most of us will be looking at a few hundredths of an inch to maybe 3 or 4 tenths maximum. But keep an eye out for that on Wednesday. It will hit the northern part of the state in the morning, southern part of the state in the evening. The focal point really seems to be more Michigan and Ohio.”

After that, temperatures really start to climb Thursday, Friday, and Saturday next week.

“I think we’ve got a heatwave that continues right on through most of the following week as well. We don’t see any significant frontal complexes coming through in that time, so no well-organized system, but this past week you saw it- when you get the heat and humidity in over Indiana, you can fire off pop up showers and thunderstorms almost at will,” says Martin.

“I don’t think it’ll be as frequent as what we saw this past week but I also can’t rule out some on again off again moisture in there, especially in that next Monday (8th), Tuesday (9th), Wednesday (10th) period. That window could be rather unsettled.”