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A Long Harvest Starting to Take Great Shape


Maple harvest update

Dennis Maple-14Over the weekend there was a lot of Indiana harvest progress as evidenced by the roadside trucks out in the countryside and the steady traffic in and out of local elevators. In eastern Howard County Dennis Maple was one of those busy in the field and he says his 2014 corn crop is making for a phenomenal year.

“It seems like it has been a little longer than normal. Weather has played a factor in that, but we’ve had a lot of bushels to handle and that always takes a little bit longer to get harvest done, which is a good thing.”Dennis Maple in the cab

Maple told HAT “The quality of the corn is great. Yields have been beyond my expectations. For the most part it’s just going to be a phenomenal year and I hope we have a good market for all of it.”

Due to the lack of growing degree days this season moisture levels started high but have come down significantly.

Dennis Maple corn harvest“I think at the end we got the growing degree days that we needed, so our crop maturity was just a little bit later so our moisture levels started out pretty high. We’re getting down to a pretty manageable level now for drying and it speeds harvest up when the moisture levels are down and the dryer can keep up.”

Corn yields in the field we were in Saturday were in the 240 bushel per acre range. Maple’s soybean harvest is complete and was good, although it was stretched out due to rain delays.

“Yields have been from mid 50’s to high 60’s. Our group 3 beans were a little bit yielding than what our group 2 beans were this year.”

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Dennis Maple on 2014 harvest

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