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A Lot of Yield Variability in Northwest Indiana Corn and Beans


Kingma yields varying

Harvested corn-13Harvest in Indiana really saw nice progress from mid-week last week through the weekend and into Monday as weather and field conditions have given farmers another great window of opportunity. One of those taking advantage is Mark Kingma in Jasper County in the northwest corner of the state. He is reporting yield variability from both corn and soybean harvest with the top end corn fields at 250 bushels per acre and soybeans up around 70. But other bean fields are down around 38.

Kingma is a bit surprised at the fields with excellent corn yields, some of his best ever.

“I didn’t think conditions on those fields were that much better that they should have been the best I’ve ever seen out of those, but obviously I’ll take it,” he told HAT. “Some of it was the fact that we had rain early and normally we’ll lose some nitrogen on those fields when we get rain. We had a lot of rain in May before we side dressed so those fields we were forced to put all of our nitrogen on late which don’t usually like to do, but usually will split apply our nitrogen. I think we were just able to put all the nitrogen on just before the crop needed it and it really utilized it this year.”

Kingma reported on the variability from his combine in the middle of a bean field Monday afternoon, and it’s a field that was hit hard by hail a week after Labor Day.

“We had about 400 acres get hit by hail and we had sprayed fungicide on this. The combination of the hail delaying them and the fungicide keeping them green longer, it looks like it’s a green carpet coming out of the back of the combine, all the weeds in here. I’ve never cut beans like this and the yields are ok. They’re not terrific, but alright.”

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