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A Pleasant Surprise for Some North-Central Corn Yields


Indiana harvest is ahead of the 5-year average pace for both corn and soybeans, but this week it is a rain delay for many operations. In a Yield Check from north-central Indiana, progress in that part of the state may be ahead of the Indiana average.

Specialty Hybrids local field sales representative Grant Gudeman says, “Just an overall feel, it feels like we’re in the neighborhood of maybe a third to close to half done with soybeans. “We’ve got a lot of our 2.4’s and 2.5’s and we’re into our 3.0 and 3.1 maturity soybeans, and then corn I would say we’re in the neighborhood of about a third to 40 percent done with corn.”

Gudeman told HAT they have been pleasantly surprised with corn yields, even though the numbers certainly are not records.

“Corn yields have been a lot better than what we anticipated after going through these last 6 weeks of July and August,” he said. “We’re seeing yields 200 to 215, 220. We have the potential, we have the opportunity some years of seeing 20 to 30 to 40 bushel better in some of these areas.”

While the corn yields have been better than expected, the bean numbers are largely what Specialty has been expecting.

“We’ve got some lighter ground that typically doesn’t handle stress well, doesn’t handle drought well, and we’re seeing yields anywhere from low 50’s to upper 50’s on those, and then we’ve got some high productivity areas that were capable of 70’s and 80-bushel beans in those areas that we just did not get. We did not get the August rains that we pray for and that we beg for every year, so we’re seeing yields in the mid-sixties, upper sixties and low seventies.”

Gudeman is suggesting you put on the rubber boots and go give corn stalks the push test before you get back in the combine. And he recommends contacting your seed supplier to find out what hybrids should be prioritized for earliest harvest because of stalk problems. Hear more in the HAT interview:

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