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ACE Announces Innovators Panel for August Conference


The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) is announcing the participants for the Innovators panel discussion for the ethanol group’s upcoming 27th annual Ethanol Conference, August 4-6, 2014. ACE Executive Vice President Brian Jennings says the panel on Tuesday, August 5 will involve Ron Alverson from Dakota Ethanol, Ray Baker with Adkins Energy, Delayne Johnson with Quad County Corn Processors, and Mike Erhart with Prairie Horizon Agri-Energy. Some of the topics panelists will cover include projects to add biodiesel or renewable diesel to existing ethanol plants, progress with conversion of corn kernel fiber to cellulosic biofuel, and steps to reduce the carbon footprint of ethanol.


“The people who make ethanol are always looking forward, they are never satisfied with the same old, same old. This panel discussion will be an outstanding example of the type of product and process technology innovations being developed by ACE members to create new revenue streams and improve efficiency,” said Jennings.


The ACE Conference will also feature a Retailer Roundtable, involving gas station owners who are making money and attracting new customers by selling higher blends of ethanol fuel. Other topics to be covered at the event include a discussion of the octane and high performance potential of ethanol in automobiles, a look at proposed regulations based upon the Food Safety Modernization Act, overseas opportunities for ethanol producers and an examination of rail regulations and possible long-term improvements of the domestic rail system.


More details about the conference will be announced soon. To register to attend the upcoming ACE Conference, click here.