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ACE Kicks off Grassroots Campaign to Promote the RFS


The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) today is announcing a public letter writing campaign to help raise awareness on how ethanol and the RFS benefits the United States and counter inaccurate stories about the ethanol industry. ACE Executive Vice President, Brian Jennings, says real people who support ethanol are in a unique position to tell personal stories that humanize the benefits of ethanol. “This grassroots letter writing campaign can effectively help convey from the ground-up what is at stake if opponents succeed in repealing the RFS,” said Jennings. “We encourage ethanol supporters to take part in ACE’s effort to tell stories of how the RFS benefits their communities and economies.  The campaign will succeed only if people get involved and take action.”


ACE’s campaign runs through the end of the year and is part of a multi-step effort the grassroots organization is leading to help promote and defend the RFS. While the primary focus of the letter writing campaign will be the RFS, other topics that will be covered include consumer fuel choice through E15 and midlevel blends, job creation, food and fuel, and energy security.


The promotion will target national media markets while also giving participants a chance to contact their local media. Participants will be entered in drawings to win Amazon gift cards or the grand prize of an Amazon Kindle Fire.


A full rundown of the rules and the promotion can be read here.