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AcreValue puts Farmland Data all Together on Screen


AcreValue now available

Pulaski County on AcreValueIf you’re involved in farmland and own, rent or are looking to buy or sell land, check out AcreValue, a valuable and free online tool. Tamar Tashjian, general manager of AcreValue, says the tool is a single, centralized site that aggregates all of the important information you need.

Tamar Tashjian“Today on AcreValue in 46 states you can pull a soil map or a history of crop rotation on any field available on the site, and in four states, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Minnesota, we analyze that information in addition to maybe 15 other variables to estimate the value per field.”

That’s the Automated Valuation Model which is now in those 4 states, including Indiana, where users see estimated prices for land in addition to the soil map and production history for any piece of farmland in the state.

Tashjian says AcreValue is available to anyone who is active or will become active in the farmland market.

“Most of the data is already available for free on other government and public resources. It’s also available for free on AcreValue and we just make it more convenient to have that information in one place and with an easy to use interface to locate your field and get instant information about everything we can aggregate about that land from public data.”

Chris SeifertChris Seifert is the lead data scientist and creator of AcreValue, and the idea originated at his family’s farm.

“AcreValue came out of a, shall we say heated family discussion about whether to sell part of the farm or not and what the state of the farmland market was and how our land compared to land in the county or the township. As part of that I had been out in Silicon Valley for a while working with other companies like Google and Climate Corporation, and so I really wanted to gather as much data together in one place about the land, and I was disappointed there wasn’t a place like Zillow or Trulia where you could find a feeling for the market. So AcreValue really kind of came out of that.”

Once the model was created for his family it was obvious that it would work for many of the nation’s farm families. Free access is at acrevalue.com.