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Activist May Have Incited Abuse at Fair Oaks


An activist who uncovered animal abuse at Indiana’s Fair Oaks farm may have incited employees to harm the animals. The Animal Recovery Mission recently released the undercover video depicting animal abuse at the facility. Newton County, Indiana prosecutors told a local newspaper “a third-party witness has come forward to corroborate the allegations made by a suspect that the ARM employee encouraged or coerced the behavior.” The Animal Recovery Mission responded with a statement, calling the claims by prosecutors “unfounded and bogus information” that is “not only unprofessional, but irresponsible.” Animal Recovery Mission describes itself as an investigative animal welfare organization.

Three former Fair Oaks employees are facing animal cruelty charges because of the incident. Fair Oaks has pledged changes, including installing video cameras at its facilities and additional training for workers, in taking responsibility for the actions found on video. A lawsuit by a consumer also claims associated company Fairlife committed fraud, citing the company promoted “the extraordinary care and comfort” of its cows on its milk labels.