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Reaching Indiana farmers and rural residents with your advertising message has never been easier or more effective than with Hoosier Ag Today. Providing coverage to all of the major farm and rural communities in the state, Hoosier Ag Today can deliver your message across the state or to a targeted area. Sponsorship programs are available that allow you to choose any group of radio stations on which to place your message.

Unlike others, Hoosier Ag today can guarantee your commercial announcement will air within a farm programming environment. HAT will provide all advertisers the exact broadcast times for every commercial on every station.

Hoosier Ag Today also provides a creative variety of sponsorship and promotional opportunities. HAT marketing consultants work with each sponsor individually to customize their package. Hoosier Ag Today also offers a variety of new media products including podcasts, a smartphone app, and a daily e-mail newsletter.  For information on how to intergrate this new media into your marketing plans, contact the HAT sales office.

Good research is the key to effective advertising. Hoosier Ag Today has cutting edge research on how Indiana farmers use a variety of media sources including radio, print, on-line, and wireless sources.  We can show you the most effective and efficient way to deliver your message to your target audience.

The Hoosier Ag Today Web Services division can help you navigate the complex and ever changing world of digital and on-line technology. From web site design and optimization, to social media integration, we can assist you in adapting these new technologies to maximize your impact.  HAT can provide content for your web site, blog, or e-newsletter, and assist with the creation of a smartphone application for your organization.

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