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Ag Companies Continue Ramping Up Digital Offerings



One particular presidential candidate may not think much of farmers and agriculture, but not everybody can do it and in 2020 it takes quite a bit to stay up to date with agriculture technology. But farmers have been up to the task, and many companies have become technology and digital centric to serve them better.

Nutrien Ag Solutions is one such company, according to David Elser.

“We believe to be the retailer of the future we’re going to have to be digitally enabled, and the organization is spending countless resources in getting itself set up to do that,” he said. “Just a year ago we launched our customer digital portal which allowed for customers, and this is a very simple tactic, to be able to pay their bills online, so they can see their invoices and what they bought from us. Now we’ve expanded to what we think is first class weather online. We’re bringing agronomic recommendations online as well as the digital capability to purchase products from us online.”

Nutrien Ag Solutions is a global company and their digital offerings benefit from that scale, but the target is the local farmer.

“Our goal is stay local, stay humble because we believe agriculture is local, and our local agronomists on our farmers’ farms making recommendations, whether it’s a digital tool they’re doing it with, or a digital tool that made that recommendation and confirming it, we really believe local is very important.”

On the digital front, the company has a new farm planning tool for 2020.

“We believe farm planning is really important, so building a plan, executing a plan, and then learning from the results to start the next year, so we’ll be pulling together a digital farm planning tool that farmers and our agronomists will be able to use going into the 2020 season.”

Elser is VP of Strategic Supplier Management and Sustainable Agriculture for Nutrien Ag Solutions.