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Ag Company from Down Under Bullish on American Agriculture


Ag Company from Down Under Bullish on American Agriculture

With some U.S. ag companies merging and others cutting back, one new player from Australia is jumping into the U.S. market. Nufarm is new to the U.S. market but not new to agriculture. Nufarm started in Australia but now has a strong presence in Europe and South America and is ranked as the 6th largest ag company in the world.

Brendan Deck, Nufarm General Manager, North America, told HAT their products are getting a good reception by U.S. farmers, saying, “We have doubled our business in North America in the past 4 years and in a very competitive marketplace.”

The company is a major investor in innovation and is focused on providing solutions to some of the tough issues facing growers. “We have been focusing our efforts around weed resistance and what we do to help deal with this issue that all farmers around the globe are facing,” said Deck. “We have also been looking at seed treatments, how do we protect the seed.” Nufarm has announced the acquisition of Trunemco, a nematode management seed treatment solution with a first-of-its-kind patented combination of a microorganism and biochemical to defend against a broad spectrum of damaging nematode species.

Brandon Scott, with Nufarm, says Trunemco offers a unique solution to a problem that costs U.S. farmers over $1 billion in yield loss each year, soybean cyst nematodes. “Trumenco helps activate the natural nematode  barriers within the plant,” he stated. “Trunemco delivers a leading level of protection not found in other products on the market.”

This patented technology, developed by BASF, aligns with Nufarm’s growth strategy, offering both new and innovative crop protection products in conjunction with quality foundational solutions. Field trials of this natural biochemical and microbial solution result in higher yields and less nematode damage. In the U.S. market, in addition to Trunemco, Nufarm offers a convenient line-up of custom-fit seed treatment products.