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Agronomy Advice for 2020


Agronomy Advice for 2020

At farm shows and winter meetings, farmers are seeking the recommendation of their favorite agronomists for the upcoming growing season. Rod King, with Dairyland Seeds, a familiar voice on Hoosier Ag Today, urges growers to plan for success in 2020. “I think guys are going to have to look very carefully at inputs,” he states. “They will have to manage that fertilizer dollar very tightly but certainly not cut back. You have to plan for success; that means you have to plan to feed the crop.” He adds paying attention to the basics will also be important.

When it comes to seed selection, King says choosing your traits carefully will be a key consideration, “In corn, the big question is do we need the rootworm trait. In Northwest Indiana, you had better be looking pretty hard at that. For the rest of the state, we have not had an outbreak in quite a while.” He feels the rootworm trait is not as important as it has been in some years past.

At the Dairyland booth at the Fort Wayne Farm Show last week, there were 3 agronomists on hand. Some of their recommendations will be here on HAT in the coming days.