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All about Pork at Annual Taste of Elegance


Big night for Chef Sample

Kalyn Rose-Dean SampleLucas Trinosky from the Chef’s Academy in Indianapolis is a veteran of the competition at Indiana Pork’s annual Taste of Elegance. During the event Tuesday night he again won the top award, Chef Par Excellence. But the 2nd place winner of the Superior Chef award is a relative newcomer to the competition. Competing for just the second year, Chef Dean Sample of Meridian Restaurant and Bar had a great night.

The evening’s emcee, Sarah Ford, director of checkoff programs at Indiana Pork, called his name a total of 4 times. Sample picked up the People’s Choice award for best display of a plated entrée, the People’s Choice award for best entrée, as well as the wine pairing award.

On a night when the many menu items all featured pork, Chef Sample sang the praises of the meat’s versatility.

“I think you can make it more complex than it needs to be because I think pork is something that just simply done is phenomenal. One of the things I love about it is it’s such a versatile ingredient that you can showcase a lot of different textures, a lot of different components, a lot of different flavors from one animal, so that’s one of the things I really love and appreciate about pork.”

Tom Griffiths-Dean SampleHe told HAT he does spend a lot of time conjuring up creations for these competitions.

“A lot of times I’ll start with an idea, as in one component I want to do, and then I think about what other things I would like to pair with that component. That’s how I base my dish around it, but the main focal point is always the pork.”

Meridian Restaurant is located in an historical district at 57th and Meridian in Indianapolis.

“It was built in the 1880’s I believe and it’s been a converted house and many different things. Dodd’s Townhouse is what it was previously. As far as the food we do there, it’s more of a high-end kind of comfort food which is something that I know and love and something we really enjoy doing.”