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All Quiet at GSI Farm Machinery Show Exhibit


Quiet dryer at NFMS

At the National Farm Machinery Show exhibitors often come with the biggest, fastest, or most technologically advanced farm equipment, going for the wow factor. But this year one product hit the wow button with “quietest.” GSI, Grain Systems, Inc. showcased their new Quiet Dryer portable grain dryer featuring 50% less noise than standard portable dryers.

Jarod Wendt is engineering manager, grain conditioning at GSI and worked on the project. During our interview at near normal speaking volume while the dryer was running he said “this is as loud as it gets. We’re delivering the same amount of air as our typical dryer would deliver and with much less noise.”

It is much quieter but just as efficient. He told HAT they borrowed the fan from their tower dryers.

“We actually took the fan from our big commercial Zimmerman tower dryers, and if you’ve ever been around a tower dryer, tower dryers are very quiet. We wanted to take that technology that’s within the tower dryer that makes it so quiet and adapt that to a portable dryer.”

The patent-pending GSI Quiet Dryer design uses fewer blades, less open design and heavier duty construction. The result is not only less noise but a more pleasant pitch and sound coming from the dryer. Wendt says farm families and the neighbors will welcome the change.

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