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American Petroleum Institute Issues E15 Warning


The American Petroleum Institute is warning Kansas drivers not to use E15 – now available at a Lawrence gas station. The Renewable Fuels Association says their warning is based on a study funded by API and other oil interests in which some vehicles failed testing – including tests conducted on old fashioned gasoline not containing ethanol. Based on the study cited – RFA President and CEO Bob Dinneen says API should be warning Americans against using so-called clear gasoline as well – since vehicles in their limited testing failed on that fuel also. The protocols involved in the study were questioned by the Department of Energy – which conducted more than six-million miles of testing on E15 and found no problems for vehicles built in model year 2001 and newer. RFA’s Dinneen says E15 has been the most thoroughly tested fuel in American history. He adds that ethanol has been a safe and effective fuel component in wide use for more than three decades.