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American Soybean Association Celebrates 100 Years in Carroll County


The American Soybean Association celebrated their 100th anniversary on Tuesday in Camden, Indiana. We told you last week the story of how it all started with three brothers from Carroll County: Taylor, Noah, and Finis Fouts.

“To think about all the firsts that occurred here in Carroll County, all the firsts that occurred because of these three brothers who said, ‘Let’s go for it,’ and then that led to a national organization that truly has a global impact,” said Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb. “We’re just proud of Indiana’s ag industry and what it’s become over this last 100 years where it’s truly an ag bioscience sector and we’re a real leader on that front.”

ASA Director and Rensselaer farmer Kendell Culp says he can’t imagine what the industry would look like if the organization wasn’t founded 100 years ago.

“That’s a thought that I really don’t want to think about because in today’s agriculture, farmers have to have someone to advocate for agriculture, for the industry, for the American farmer at all levels of government. That’s one thing that this association does and does very well.”

One area where ASA has been a strong advocate has been with international trade. Soybeans and soybean products are the United States’ leading agricultural export commodity.

ASA Past President and Lafayette farmer Alan Kemper told Hoosier Ag Today, “ASA has been on the forefront of international trade for American farmers. From the WTO and getting China involved in the WTO in 2002 clear up to the free trade agreements today.”

A historical marker was placed at the farm just off Highway 29 to commemorate the founding of the American Soybean Association and the Fouts family contributions to that effort.