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Americans to Eat 1.33 Billion Chicken Wings


American consumption of what is becoming a Super Bowl weekend staple, chicken wings, is expected to hit 1.33 billion wings. That number comes from a National Chicken Council Report and represents a two percent jump, or about 30 million wings, over last year’s report. It is 6.5 percent higher, or 80 million wings, over the 2015 Wing Report. To get an idea of how many wings that is, if you laid 1.3 billion wings end to end, they would stretch from Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts to the Georgia Dome in Atlanta almost 80 times. To put it another way, 1.33 billion wings weighs over 166 million pounds, 338 times more than the combined weights of all 32 NFL teams.

As New England gets set to face Atlanta, those two regions eat their share of wings. Patriots country in the northeast U.S. eats 12 percent more wings than other regions in the country, while down south in Falcons country they eat 13 percent more than other regions.

Source: NAFB News Service