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Another Round of Food Dialogues in 2 Weeks


June Food Dialogues

Lisa LunzThis month the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance will host another in their series of Food Dialogues, the organization’s signature events designed to reach out to key customers, influencers and detractors, and consumers and get farmers and ranchers included in their discussions around food and food production.

Lisa Lunz from Wakefield, Nebraska will be at the June 19th dialogues at Kendall College in Chicago, a culinary arts school.

“What they’re going to talk about is transparency and food and specifically what kind of information are consumers looking for and how are they making those food purchasing decisions,” she said. “There are passionate people on both sides of food issues but a lot of that passion is just passion and not based on correct information. Some of it is based on perception and a comment someone made, and so the purpose of these Food Dialogues is to start a conversation so people can talk about both sides of an issue.”

chicago-food-dialogues-2013Lunz is a board member for USFRA and she explains each event reaches out to a worldwide audience by streaming at www.fooddialogues.com.

“You can watch as it’s happening and also go back and watch segments of past Food Dialogues. There is a Facebook page where you can join in conversations and answer questions people have. There is a food source web page that tackles a lot of the issues like antibiotics, hormones, biotech, and a lot of the issues.”

The food source web page can be found at https://www.fooddialogues.com/foodsource.

Many issues in agriculture are discussed during the dialogues and that includes on-farm practices that Lunz says consumers will be interested to know more about.

“I like to talk about our no-tilling that we do on our farm. We’ve no-tilled for 20 years so we’re using less diesel fuel, we’re keeping our soil where it’s supposed to be, and when we have heavy rains it’s not leaving our farm. You can talk about all kinds of things because consumers have a lot of questions.”

To join the June 19th conversation online visit facebook.com/USFarmersandRanchers or follow USFRA on Twitter @USFRA using hash-tag FoodD.