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Antique Tractors a Special Part of Indiana State Fair


Scott Fritz and Co-Op E3Pioneer Village at the Indiana State Fair will again be a stop for those wanting to get a glimpse of agriculture from the past, tractors included. The antique tractors on display don’t just represent the past, for many of the owners those tractors have been a labor of love throughout a sometimes lengthy renovation process. And for Pulaski County farmer Scott Fritz, there are important memories brought back by the two tractors he is displaying.

“It’s the first tractor that I remember driving, and so it’s kind of special,” he says of his orange 1948 Co-Op E3. “And it was my dad’s.”

Fritz also brought a 1944 John Deere A to the fair, a tractor his sister remembers as her first tractor. He told HAT there is a new arrangement for the antiques at Pioneer Village, and he thinks it is an improvement for showcasing the tractors. Fairgoers can also see the Co-Op E3 and 34 other tractors at the Hoosier Lottery Grandstand Friday night at 9:00 during the first “Light up the Night.”

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