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Applications Now Open to be Part of First Great Lakes Yield Enhancement Network

Photo: Ashley Davenport

Winter wheat growers in the Great Lakes region can now apply to be part of the Great Lakes Yield Enhancement Network.

“It’s a network that allows these growers to interact with other growers, as well as agribusinesses and researchers, to learn more about their wheat crop, what their yield potential is, and maybe identify some reasons why maybe they didn’t achieve a higher percentage of their yield potential,” said Dennis Pennington, wheat extension specialist with Michigan State University.

The YEN is a global series of regional networks to collect data and help growers learn about wheat production.

“We collect a tremendous amount of data, not only from their agronomic practices, all the way from what variety do they plant, what seeding rate do they seed their wheat at, all the way through nitrogen and fungicide applications,” said Pennington. “We collect tissue samples at two different growth stages, we collect a grab sample at harvest and green sample, so they’re going to get a whole bunch of information reported back to them.”

This data will be used as a benchmark as a way to compare with other wheat growers in the Great Lakes region, including growers in Ontario.

“That broadens the scope of the project to the point where we can get some additional people and expertise coming to the table for this whole project,” said Pennington.

Pennington adds that anyone interested in wheat production is encouraged to apply.

“You don’t have to be somebody that is out there strictly to win the contest,” he said. “We encourage people to be competitive of course, but if all you want to do is learn more about your wheat crop and how to manage it and be a better manager on your farm, this will be a great opportunity for you.”

Applications will be accepted from growers bordering the Great Lakes until August 15. To apply, click here.