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Arysta Lifescience Introduces Tepera™ Brand Fungicides


Arysta LifeScience North America continues to evaluate two new products featuring patented formulation technology that is liquid fertilizer-compatible for in-furrow application: TEPERA™ PLUS Fungicide/Insecticide and TEPERA™ Fungicide will be efficient ways for growers to get plant health benefits while battling seed- and soil-borne diseases as well as insect pests. “TEPERA PLUS and TEPERA are easy-to-use products for corn and soybean growers to optimize crop performance,” said Arysta LifeScience marketing manager Deneen Sebastian. “During on-farm trials using the active ingredient fluxoastrobin in 2015, in-furrow applications in corn produced a yield increase of 14.3 bushels per acre on average, compared to the untreated control. We anticipate to fully commercialize and launch both these products into the 2017 selling season.”

The products do not require dilution to go into solution with liquid starter fertilizers, removing a step for growers. Both formulas can stay in the solution with minimal agitation and also can be applied with water.

TEPERA PLUS Fungicide/Insecticide
Containing a combination of fluoxastrobin and bifenthrin, TEPERA PLUS will offer an all-in-one product to control seed-borne and seedling diseases as well as soil insect pests. Additionally, TEPERA PLUS will provide defense against insects including rootworms, wireworms, seed corn maggots, grubs, cutworms, stalk borers and armyworms. Although TEPERA PLUS will focus primarily on corn and soybeans, the product also will be registered in other crops.

TEPERA Fungicide
With the active ingredient fluoxastrobin, TEPERA will be one of the most systemic and residual strobilurins on the market with proven in-furrow performance. TEPERA Fungicide will help give growers control of soil-borne and seedling diseases such as Rhizoctonia root and stalk rot, among others, while providing plant health and yield benefits.

For additional information on TEPERA PLUS Fungicide/Insecticide and TEPERA Fungicide, contact your local Arysta LifeScience sales representative or visit www.arystalifescience.us.