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Asgrow Hoping for Spring EU Approval of First Triple Stack Soybean Trait



The Asgrow soybeans lineup is getting a new trait, and XtendFlex® soybeans will be the first soybean trait with triple-stacked tolerance to dicamba, glyphosate and glufosinate. It is touted as more effective weed control with the application flexibility of preemergence or postemergence.

DEKALB Asgrow technical agronomist Matt Parmer says the adoption will be determined by farmer demand, and XtendFlex has definite benefits.

“Farmers needing more flexibility when it comes to spraying, especially as we get into some of these really late springs like we did last year, or now that Indiana has a June 20th cutoff date for dicamba, farmers are seeking more flexibility and simplicity on some of their decisions on traits,” he said.

The flexibility includes spraying something other than dicamba once the calendar no longer allows that herbicide to go on.

“That’s right, they would have the opportunity to spray glyphosate or glufosinate in some of those later stages.”

Parmer adds, Asgrow Ground Breaker trials are demonstrating the high yields that come with the latest Asgrow germplasm.

“I think the thing that farmers are going to be most appreciative of is the huge number of XtendFlex varieties that Asgrow is going to bring to the lineup,” he told HAT. “Our entire 2021 class is all Asgrow XtendFlex, so we’ve got a large germplasm base for a lot of diversity and a lot of different products that will come to the market.”

He says XtendFlex soybeans are ready to go but commercial launch is waiting on approval by the European Union.

“That is expected sometime this spring and summer, so as soon as that happens there will be commercially available Asgrow XtendFlex soybeans.”

Parmer feels trait adoption will be very high since the vast majority of farmers really want a system that gives them great yields with flexibility and simplicity.