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Assessing Nitrogen Loss This Spring


Assessing Nitrogen Loss This Spring

With rain continuing to soak Indiana fields, Nitrogen loss is a major  concern. Heavy rains and  ponding have many growers trying to estimate how much nitrogen has been lost. Lance Shepherd, with DuPont Pioneer, says nitrogen loss has certainly occurred with the kind of weather we have had, “It may range from 10 pounds due to leaching up to 15 pounds if there has been ponding.  If you are still planning on a 200 bpa yield goal, you are going to have to add nitrogen so we are not cutting ourselves short at the end of the year.”

Shepherd says the Encirca tool from Pioneer can be a help in estimating nitrogen loss, “One thing you have to take into consideration is the many variables you have, such as soil type, how much nitrogen was applied, how it was applied, and what form it was in.”

Another issue that is likely to come up as a result of this wet spring is seedling disease. He stated, “With the current environment of cool and wet, both Pythium and  Fusarium, thrive in these kind of conditions.” He added, even if you used a fungicide seed treatment, it may not last as long in these conditions.

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