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Assessing Nitrogen Needs Based on Yield Results


Assessing Nitrogen Needs Based on Yield Results

As farmers harvest this fall, yield numbers will provide a clue to their fertility needs for 2019, and technology can help. With yield results likely to be highly variable, not only from field to field but within fields, the Encirca system Can help you assess your fertility based on those yield results.

Brian Early, with Corteva AgroSciences, explains, “We can build a fertility map based on what you took off a field this year or in combination with previous years. We can then make recommendations on what your fertility needs for a field will be.”  He added that an additional tool can break down a field and show you where the nitrogen is most needed, “We can show you the parts of a field where your fertility will do the most good. This will help you get the biggest bang for your fertilizer dollar.”

Early said, if you are thinking about switching crops in a field for 2019, Encirca can make recommendations on what your nitrogen needs would be depending on what you decide to plant, “We can do ‘what if’ plans depending on what you might put in a field next year. We can set a baseline as to what you might need for 2019.”


Brian Early

These days we collect a lot of data at harvest, and using that data to make decisions is one thing the Encirca system does well. “By layering data from multiple years, we can give a grower guidance on variable rate seeding and fertilization for a field,” said Early. With nitrogen costs being a big part of your 2019 crop budget, maximizing the efficiency of your fertilization will be key.