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Assessing Soybean Replant Needs in Central Indiana


Soybeans need replant

John Hussey-CC13The crops are in for Tipton County, Indiana farmer John Hussey, but a whole lot of rain over the weekend has put some of his plans on hold and raised the issue of replant. The problem for Hussey is in the soybean fields.

“We have some water issues from the big rain over the weekend that we’re going to have to replant some soybeans. Otherwise the beans look very good. The beans planted last week are just coming up so we don’t have any issues with crusted ground or anything on them. We will replant a few beans, not many. It’s too early to tell right now what we will do.”

He told HAT the cause of replant is that weekend rain which was very erratic, ranging “from 1 inch to 4+ inches on some of our land.”

Those soybean fields were full of weeds a month ago and Hussey was quite concerned. But now the fields are well under control.

“We got all of our beans sprayed on the first spray. We did have some weed issues so we had to up our chemicals a little bit to take care of it, but it looks like we did a good job.”

On the Hussey farm and all around him corn stands are in good shape.

“We have all of our ammonia on. Part of that we put 28 on but the nitrogen is all on the corn and it’s looking very good. We have good stands and today we have a very small amount of water problems where it got the large amount of rain. So we do have water problems on one or two fields of corn, but otherwise the corn looks very good.”

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