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August Weather Looks Good for Soybean Pod Fill


August Weather Looks Good for Soybean Pod Fill

Ryan Martin and Gary Truitt

August is the key month for soybeans, and the weather forecast looks good for soybean pod fill. Hoosier Ag Today chief meteorologist Ryan Martin sees August weather as good for soybeans.  Temperatures look to be about average with adequate rainfall, “For example, over the next week to 10 days we could pick up an inch to an inch and a half of rain over a good chunk of the Eastern Corn Belt.” Martin says later in the month may be a bit more dry, “I could see the month ending on a very dry note.”

Martin said adequate rain could prolong the pod fill season and actually increase soybean yields, “If temperatures stay average and we get this rain, it may actually prolong the pod fill season and result in larger soybeans.” He noted that,  if things turn hot, that could impact yields, “If we warm up, that could take the top end off yields.” The USDA reported this week that 77% of Indiana soybeans were setting pods, ahead of last year’s and the 5 year average.

As for September, Martin sees corn harvesting starting around Labor Day and, at this point, rapid corn dry down and harvest under ideal weather conditions, “My modeling suggests we are looking at a dryer than normal September; that suggests plenty of harvest opportunities. I can’t point to anything that suggests we have a big slug of rain coming in September.”