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Bane-Welker Launches ‘Plowtalk’, an Ag Themed Podcast


Bane-Welker Equipment is proud to announce the launch of Plowtalk, the official podcast of Bane-Welker Equipment. Host Matthew Bane and co-hosts Phil and Jason Bane will discuss all things ag during the weekly podcast. Matthew Bane is a Marketing Consultant at Blue Marketing and thought the project would be a great way to allow folks to get to know a little more about Bane-Welker and the Ag industry in general.

“We wanted to create an informational platform for listeners to learn about a variety of areas within the Ag industry,” stated host Matthew Bane. “We also hope to reach a wide audience of those younger individuals interested in Ag as a career choice. Our goal is to provide relevant information which we hope can encourage, educate and inspire on a weekly basis.”

Podcasts have grown in popularity in recent years due to their easy accessibility and ability to provide valuable in-depth long form content to a targeted, interested audience.

“At the end of the day, our hope is that Plowtalk will allow our listers and customers to learn something new and grow in some way,” stated Phil Bane, CEO of Bane-Welker Equipment. “Our passion is Agriculture and we enjoy talking about it. I think that will come through in our conversations.”

A variety of guests are planned, but most podcasts will include three generations of Bane men sharing their advice, knowledge, experience, and stories spanning the 52-year Bane-Welker ag history. Topics will range from the latest in ag technology to the 80’s farm crisis to equipment how-tos, to Ag education, and much more!

“We feel that this will be an added value to our clients and listeners,” stated Jason Bane, Sales Manager at Bane-Welker Equipment. “We want to tell our story and inform our customers with information relevant to their businesses and lives.”

Find Plowtalk on Lisbyn, iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay and Stitcher. Or click the links below!




Source: Bane-Welker Equipment