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Barchart Releases July Yield Forecast


An industry data and technology provider predicts 2020 corn yield at 173.8 bushels per acre for corn and 48.8 bushels per acre for soybeans. Barchart, a technology company that provides market data, released its July yield forecast Tuesday.

The report shows an increase in forecasted corn yield relative to the June 2 report, which forecasted end of season yield for corn at 172.4 bushels per acre. There was no change in the soybean yield compared to the June report.

Released for free to the public on the first Tuesday of each month during the growing season, the cmdty Yield Forecast Index series allows users to get insights to guide their business decisions ahead of the USDA’s WASDE report, due out this Friday.

Barchart’s cmdty Yield Forecast Indexes, which correctly predicted 2019 USDA soybean yield figures three months in advance, are calculated using the latest geospatial and remote sensing technology, and provide users with daily insights on over 3,000 individual growing areas in the United States.