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Bayer Adds Additional Incentive to Rewards Program


Making smart agronomic choices is the best thing for your farm operation, giving you the best possible return on investment. Those same choices could also bring cash back to the operation when you select eligible products from Bayer.

The Bayer PLUS Rewards program is in its third year according to program lead Kim Helgen, and there is an added bonus coming next year.

“We have over 68,000 growers enrolled, and the program is still very similar as it has been, designed to reward growers for those smart agronomic choices with Bayer, growing that portfolio considering an additional product on their operation, pre, post or a fungicide,” she said. “But going into ’22, one of the biggest, exciting changes we have is the Loyalty Reward, and it’s going to give growers an extra 10 percent when they send all or a portion of their redemption check next year back to their retailer, really tying that relationship with our retailers and growers together as they think about their input decisions and rewarding them for that partnership.”

Sending all or a portion of the redemption check to the retailer will give the grower more money to spend with that retailer on even more agronomic choices. Helgen says retail partners have been the key to making the Bayer PLUS connection for farmers.

“What we really wanted to start with is the agronomics, start with what the grower needs on the operation, acre by acre, because Bayer has products that fit every different acre and different needs agronomically, and then the Bayer PLUS conversation is icing on the cake. After you have the good agronomic talk, here are the awards you are going to get for making those smart choices.”

Enrollment and tools happen online.

MyBayerPlus.com is where you go to get enrolled,” Helgen explained. “you’ll need a tech id, and that’s how you’ll get all of your sales tied together within the program. Also there is the online calculator which lets them sit down and play with some of different input decisions, see how those rewards change and work with their retailer on it.”

There are over 70 agronomic tools that are eligible for Bayer PLUS Rewards.