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Bayer Backs Glyphosate and Reaffirms Accessibility for Farmers


Recently, litigation around Roundup and glyphosate has been in the news. Darren Wallis, Vice President of North America Communications for Bayer Crop Science, explains what this news means for farmers and the ag community.

“You may have heard some recent news on Roundup litigation. To our ag customers – let me assure you that Bayer continues to stand behind the safety of glyphosate products, which have been used successfully around the world for more than 40 years. We know the important role that tools like Roundup play for growers in running a profitable and sustainable operation, and Bayer remains committed to preserving this technology for farmers. Let me be clear, there is no impact on the access or availability Roundup and this important tool for our ag customers. We thank you for your continued trust and support in us at Bayer, and for the opportunity to earn your business each and every year. We hope things are going well in your fields and we wish you all the best this season.”