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Bayer Cuts Costs on Inputs for 2017


bayer2-colorWith low corn price expectations for 2017, growers are placing even more importance on the value of inputs as they plan next year’s corn crop. To help provide cost-effective solutions, Bayer announced that growers will see a change in the price of Balance® Flexx herbicide in 2017.

Jason Manz, selective corn herbicides product manager for Bayer, explained that growers’ weed control needs vary greatly and it is important to consider all elements of a herbicide, aside from just the price.

“Bayer has a complete portfolio of corn herbicides to address a range of grower needs, including the choice between best-in-class pre-emerge products like Corvus® herbicide and proven, cost-effective weed control with Balance Flexx. This enables profitability throughout the year in a market where inputs can make the difference,” said Manz.

“In a soft commodity market, it is easy to focus only on price. What we can’t lose sight of is that a herbicide isn’t any good if it doesn’t control weeds,” Manz said. “Uncontrolled weeds will compete with your crop and reduce your yield. A herbicide that might cost less per acre at application might not control weeds as well as a more expensive option. That will cost you more in the long run by way of lost yield.”

Balance Flexx provides growers with a strong foundation that complements any weed control program, protecting yields from day one. It offers a wide range of flexibility with crop rotation and tankmix partners and can be applied in all soil types. An added benefit that sets Balance Flexx apart is its ability to reactivate during dry periods with as little as a half-inch of rain. If a herbicide does not have reactivation, residual weed control becomes nonexistent in dry weather. The residual won’t return after the next rain.

Growers can get specific price information about the complete Bayer herbicide portfolio from their trusted local retailer.

For more information about Balance Flexx and the weeds it controls, visit www.BalanceFlexx.us. For additional information regarding Balance Flexx pricing and availability, contact your local retailer or Bayer sales representative.

Bayer is committed to bringing new technology and solutions for agriculture and non-agricultural uses. For questions concerning the availability and use of products, contact a local Bayer representative, or visit Crop Science, a division of Bayer, online at www.CropScience.Bayer.us.


Source: Bayer