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Bayer Prioritizing Customer Health and Safety, Not Participating In Large Ag Events Throughout 2020


As a company focused on the success of farmers, the Crop Science Division of Bayer announced the company will not attend large agricultural shows, fairs or other gatherings for the remainder of 2020.

This decision was made in an effort to help ensure the safety and well-being of farmers, their families, our valued partners, and the rural communities we all share, as well as the health of Bayer Crop Science employees.

Since the spread of COVID-19 began to accelerate in the United States in the spring, Bayer has taken significant measures to help ensure the health and wellbeing of its employees, customers and other stakeholders. The announcement is aligned with those measures to maintain social distancing and avoid large group gatherings and is consistent with advice from leading health authorities, including the CDC.

“While we always value the chance to spend time with our customers, given the potential downside risks to a farmer’s health and the potential impact of that on their operations, we think there are better ways we can serve them to minimize that potential risk,” said Lisa Safarian, President, Bayer Crop Science North America. “Our ultimate goal is to do our part to help keep the ag community healthy for the important work of tending to crops and ultimately harvest.”

Bayer is a leader in digital agriculture, reaching customers online through engagement in various types of media, video learning and other digital formats. To further connect with growers and others in the ag industry, Bayer is focusing on creating new ways of sharing information and resources normally shared through these types of events, including online field days, agronomy webinars and branded experiences, among others.

“While video and digital experiences can’t fully replace the fellowship and fun of in-person events, it’s exciting to try new ways of connecting with customers to share information about plot and field results, agronomic insights, new product and technology updates, and more,” added Safarian. “We fully expect to be back at farm shows next year, and we look forward to gathering with our customers, colleagues and partners across the industry once again.”

Recognizing that farm shows are an important fundraising opportunity for many ag youth organizations, Bayer will be contributing to ag youth organizations to help support them through this important time. This is in keeping with Bayer’s ongoing commitment to strengthening communities where farmers live and work.

For decades, Bayer has invested in youth development programs and organizations across the United States like 4H, Agriculture Future of America and FFA, among others. In fact, at the 2019 Farm Progress Show, Bayer announced a 5-year, $6 million program contribution to 4-H and FFA to continue their important work in developing future leaders for the food and agriculture industry.

Source: Bayer press release