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Becknology Days One of Few In-person Events for 2020


Many events have been canceled, postponed, or moved to a virtual format due to COVID-19 this year, but Beck’s was happy to hold their annual Becknology Days event in person in Atlanta, Indiana.

Beck’s CEO Sonny Beck on why it was important to hold the event in person.

“Farmers want to, and need to, come see our Practical Farm Research on how do you farm better, what practices are working. We have over 100 practices we are looking at at all of our seven sites across the Midwest in terms of what we call Practical Farm Research. So, they need to see those things to be able to make their decisions for next year.”

Beck says they feel it’s their responsibility to help educate farmers.

“As American farmers, we’ve got to help them learn faster than our competition, which is the rest of the world. It’s Argentina, Australia, all these other countries. There’s all these new innovations coming in so they need to be able to see those.”

Beck was pleased with the size of the crowd on day one despite COVID-19 and some restrictions in place.

“We asked the health department and the authorities, ‘Can we have the event as long as we social distance, as long as we wear a mask when we’re within so many feet of other people, and we space people out?’ and they gave us permission to do that. So, we’re honoring that. We’re wearing our masks when we need to and social distancing. It looks like the crowds are going to be normal- pretty comparative to other years.”

The event continues Friday and Saturday in Atlanta, Indiana.