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Beck’s Backs Liberty System


There are several new weed control alternatives to glyphosate and Beck’s Hybrids is pushing the Liberty system. Glyphosate resistant weeds have been showing up in more and more Indiana fields, and farmers are looking for new modes of action to add to their weed control tool box. Paul Jacobs, with Beck’s Hybrids, says growers have to make a change, not to replace glyphosate but to save it, “We have to make a change. We can’t just keep doing the same thing we have or we will lose this technology.” He said glyphosate is one of the best weed control systems ever but, with increasing weed resistance, farmers must learn to manage with different tools in addition to glyphosate.


Beck’s is recommending the Liberty Link system because it performs so well in Indiana. Jacobs says thousands of field trials have shown the Liberty system works in Indiana, “There is zero yield resistance. In multiyear trials, there was a 2/10 of a bushel difference between glyphosate and Liberty; and the advantage went to Liberty.”


At their winter agronomy meetings, now being held around the state, Beck’s is talking with growers about how to work the Liberty system into their operations. Jacobs says it will require some adjustments, “Weed size is an issue. You cannot let your weeds get large, you have to control them when they are 2-4 inches tall.” He also recommended starting with a clean field by using a fall or spring applied residual herbicide, “We can’t do some things we did with the glyphosate system.” He added the Liberty system is a great system, but it is not as forgiving as the glyphosate system. For more information, contact your Beck’s representative.


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