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‘Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.’ Brand Launches Sustainability Campaign


The Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner. brand, managed by National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s (NCBA), a contractor to the Beef Checkoff, launched a new beef campaign highlighting real beef farmers and ranchers. Consumers will be invited to learn more about how cattle farmers and ranchers around the country are employing sustainable practices to care for the land and produce high-quality beef.

Recent scientific research funded by the Beef Checkoff shows that due to decades of continuous improvement efforts on farms and ranches around the country, the U.S. is the leader in sustainable beef production. In fact, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, greenhouse gas from beef cattle only represents 2% of emissions in the U.S.[i] Additionally, 90% of what cattle eat is forage and plant leftovers that people can’t eat .[ii]

With this strong foundation of scientific and consumer market research, NCBA took the opportunity to develop a fully integrated campaign that will target consumer, influencer, media and supply chain audiences. The campaign will come to life in a variety of ways, including:

  • New Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. advertising that will run on social media, YouTube and connected TV with a new video series highlighting how beef farmers and ranchers around the country are implementing land-conserving, award-winning environmental efforts
  • An interactive map on BeefItsWhatsForDinner.com that will be featured in the new ads and invite consumers to meet beef farmers and ranchers from each state
  • A series of interviews showcasing sustainability from farm to table on local TV and radio stations across the country
  • Influencer partnerships bringing chefs and cattle producers together for a collaborative and educational video series
  • Content partnerships and sustainability story placements in publications, from the national level to the local level, across the country

“Beef farmers and ranchers have been caring for the land and environment for generations and will continue to do so,” said Clay Burtrum, 2021 Federation Division Chair. “Consumers want to know more about where their food comes from and as sustainability becomes a focus for consumers, it’s important for us to tell our story as effectively as possible and this campaign does just that.”

According to market research, only 24% of consumers say they are knowledgeable about how cattle are raised for food. This sustainability campaign aims to address that by introducing consumers to farmers and ranchers across the country and showcasing the many efforts underway to help sustain and improve the land for generations to come. Consumers will also be introduced to the Environmental Stewardship Award Program and the Beef Quality Assurance Program as further evidence of steps taken by the industry to adhere to the highest standards.

For more information on the U.S. cattle industry and beef sustainability, visit www.BeefItsWhatsForDinner.com or www.beefresearch.org.

Source: National Cattlemen’s Beef Association news release