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Benchmark Your Yield to Evaluate Your Performance


Benchmark Your Yield to Evaluate Your Performance


farmlink true harvestA new tool for 2016 will not only help growers track their yield, but will also help them predict yield before the combine ever gets pulled out of the shed.  FarmLink is best known for its machinery leasing service, but is also getting into the big data business.   Jeff Dema, with Farmlink, says its new Yield Benchmark software can help a farmer track his yield, field by field. “We can track the performance of a field not only by bushels but by how that field compared with other similar fields nationwide,” said Dema. “We can say this field is at the 35 percentile or the 75 percentile.”  This will help a grower measure his performance against what is possible for that field.

Beginning in 2016, growers will be able to use the benchmark to predict the yield of a field based on hybrid selection, soil type, inputs, and weather — all before the crop even pollinates. Dema says the program does not tell you how to fix a yield-robbing problem, but does help you determine what products are working and which are not working when it comes to boosting yields, “The only way you will know if a product is working for you is to benchmark performance, and that is where we come in.”

For more details visit Farmlink.com.