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Benefits of Climate Seed Scripting Technology



Planting activity has picked up the pace this week with great conditions for getting into the fields. Some of those planters are using variable rate seeding technology. Those advancements benefit all those farmers dealing with field variability.

“Every field is unique, every situation and every year is unique, and so how do you start to plan for that variability that you see in your fields at the end of the year?” asks Luke Samuel with Climate, makers of the Climate FieldView advanced seed scripting solution. He says the planning process begins with building management zones and then spreading seed and fertility differently, depending on what the management zones call for.

“The nice part about advanced scripting or manual script features within Climate FieldView is you can actually go in there, understand your best parts of your field, some of your toughest parts of your field and everything in between, and then spread your seed out accordingly to make sure you’re pushing the best parts of your field and you’re really holding flat on some of those tougher parts of your field so that each one of those acres is optimizing as much production as possible.”

He says creating the management zones is quick and easy.

“You need a layer of harvest data from years past or some imagery data so you can actually start to build those zones. Then, once you understand how your field breaks out as far as variability, you can either go in manually and set a prescription on your seeding rate for each of those zones, or with our advanced scripting feature, you can do that same type of script in about 5-10 minutes. It really is a quick and easy process where you select the hybrid, you select your yield goals.”

In addition to significant time savings, Climate FieldView users of the advanced seed scripting solution averaged 5 bushels an acre increases compared to those who wrote their own scripts, and for those who need it, there is plenty of support available from Climate experts and www.climate.com.

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